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Yes, it's true!

The Looneys have published a stoner version of their popular card game, Fluxx.


We published Stoner Fluxx to help accelerate the conversation in the US about ending the hurtful war on drugs. We are proud to have published this game, and hope you will read our message and join us in trying to make the world a better place. Thank you for playing our games!
The bright green packaging is clearly labeled for Adults, so it shouldn't be confused with the original Fluxx, plus it includes important messages like "Wait until it's legalized" and "Remember, It's More Polite To Say 'No, Thank You' To Drugs." With all-new Keepers and Goals, and on-subject Actions like "Munchie Attack!" and "Uh... What Were We Just Doing?" this game provides plenty of laughs. In short, Stoner Fluxx is a fun new edition of this very popular card game - that will help get the conversation started and encourage the pot-smokers of America to say enough is enough. 


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