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Wheel, Deal, and Keep It Real! We've all had fantasies of making the million dollar deal. We've even worked out some of the details -- indulged in thoughts of exotic dope ports, tons of contraband, and that enormous bank roll in our pocket. Lots of folks are coming out these days telling us what dealing big time was all about, but we know one thing for sure. McDope went to all those places, played and panicked, scored and whored, and now that he is "legit," he wants to pass along to you how it was really done. So sit back and cop to some fantastic entertainment. Leave Doobietown, USA and journey to an intriguing port of call, score caches of dope and return home anxious to sell. Sounds simple, and it is -- as long as karma, skill, and the roll of the dice are on your side, and you don't get hassled at any borders, ripped off by your partner, or busted. Yeh, busted. Lots of dealers go to jail. Yes, dealing is a high risk/high gain situation. Remember, all dealers play hard, but they don't all play fair. When in doubt, ask yourself what McDope would do if he were there. Out of print for many years, the Dealer McDope Dealing Game is now back in print for a whole new generation. 


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